Expense Management Simplified!

As the world surges into the fourth industrial revolution, are you looking for a simple and convenient digital solution to help you manage your staff claims more easily and effortlessly, from submission to payout?

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As the experts in understanding employee behaviour and what drives them to succeed, we can help your corporate business with an innovative Expense Management Solution and save your business time and money.

As a business manager, you need to manage your employees’ expenses the best way possible. We understand your frustrations, having to manually reconcile expenses the old way month after month. From missing or lost paper receipts to late submissions, spending valuable hours on reconciliations and admin can make managing payouts a nightmare.

What is SlipMate?

Simply put, SlipMate is an intelligent expense management solution with an App that empowers your staff to easily submit and track expense claims in real-time on the go.

Staff can submit their expense claims through the SlipMate App, that is tailored to suit your business needs. There are smart analytics allowing you to track and payout without the hassle of paperwork or missing receipts.

All that your employees need is a smartphone to download the SlipMate App.

To begin, you simply register and create an account on the SlipMate App. You then scan the receipt by taking a picture using the App, click submit and presto, a claim is digitally submitted for approval.

How it works for your employees

Capture Expenses

Use SlipMate to capture,
submit and track expense claims.

Automated Receipt Filing

Never lose receipts.
All receipt images stored in the cloud for easier access.

Submit & Track

Track all submitted claims from submission to re-imbursement.
Live dashboard to intelligent analytics.

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Benefits and Features:

Save time on admin and reconciling paper receipts through:

  • OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities for accurate recording
  • Automated receipt filing
  • Real-time expense approval
  • Faster reimbursements = happier employees
  • Slick reporting and analytics to help keep management happy

You are also equipped with dashboards for intelligent analytics and reporting.

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If you’re keen to chat to us directly to find out how we can save your business time and money on expense management, leave your contact details below and one of our expert team members will get in touch shortly: