What our clients say

The staff are very professional individuals; they are knowledgeable and pay attention to detail.
They offer more than just an incentive card, they really aid a company to motivate employees. I feel confident recommending Innervation Rewards to any company.

We have been using the services and offerings of Innervation Rewards for over 10 years, their commitment to service excellence is unwavering. Innervation Rewards remains one of our biggest and most trusted suppliers and we will undoubtedly continue to work with them for many years to come.

Innervation Rewards is our preferred business partner in rewarding and incentivising our staff. They have bee nothing but exemplary in the services that they offer. Hyundai South Africa recommends Innervation Rewards with confidence.

I am impressed by the turnaround by Innervation Rewards, our employees love the cards as they are secure and reliable. I’m highly confident in my recommendation for Innervation Rewards’ service, products and price.

An outstanding business partner with their company being world class in many ways. The representation of the Sybrin reward products to our employees has always been fair, courteous and above all, professional in every aspect.

Annually we deal with approximately 1 000 customers