Standard Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all recipients and beneficiaries of Innervation Rewards prepaid card programmes.

1. Your card
1.1. Your card has an expiry date printed on the front. Your card is valid until the last day of the month shown, unless it is closed at the request of you, the Card Purchaser, or Innervation Rewards; if an incidence of fraud or potentially fraudulent activity has been detected relating to your card.
1.2. Only the person whose signature is on the card will be able to transact with it.
1.3. Sign your card in ink as soon as you receive it in the space provided on the back of the card.
1.4. Your card can only be used in the Republic of South Africa
1.5. Your INREWARDS card, Network card and Network Plus card will not have a personal identification number (PIN).
1.6. Your INREWARDS Premium Imali card will have a personal identification number (PIN).
1.7. Your card must be cut in half after its expiry date.
1.8. You will not receive any correspondence or statements.
1.9. The Issuing Bank will always be the owner of the card.
1.10. You are responsible for the safety of your card. Should your card be damaged, lost or copied, Innervation Rewards will not be liable.

2. Loading your card
Innervation Rewards will load and activate the cards as authorised and paid by the Client.
2.1. Your card will be loaded with a Rand value as determined by the Card Purchaser.
2.2. Your card may be reloaded by the Card Purchaser at any time before the expiry date of your card.
2.3. The balance available on your card may not exceed:
2.3.1. INREWARDS card and INREWARDS Network card – R10,000 (ten thousand rand only) at any given time.
2.3.2. INREWARDS card and INREWARDS Network card – R25,000 (twenty five thousand rand) at any given time with individual FICA.
2.3.3. INREWARDS Network Plus – R5,000 (five thousand rand only) at any given time.
2.3.4. INREWARDS Premium Imali card – R25,000 (twenty five thousand rand) at any given time. (Individual FICA is a prerequisite for use of this card)

3. Using your card
3.1. You may use your card to pay for goods and services at suppliers as per the INREWARDS programme acceptance detailed below:
3.1.1. INREWARDS card – accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted.
3.1.2. INREWARDS Network card – accepted within the INREWARDS Network within South Africa. The INREWARDS Network is printed on the card wallet and/or card carrier which accompanied your card.  You can find the most up-to-date network at
Your card will not work at MasterCard acceptance locations which are not part of the INREWARDS Network.
3.1.3. INREWARDS Network Plus card – intended for use within the INREWARDS Network in South Africa. The Network is printed on the card wallet and/or card carrier which accompanied your card.  You can find the most up-to-date INREWARDS Network at
3.1.4. INREWARDS Premium Imali card – accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted and may be used at ATM’s to withdraw cash.

Should you choose to use your INREWARDS Network Plus card outside of the INREWARDS Network, you will incur a fee which will be deducted from the available card balance. (Therefore, accepted where MasterCard is accepted with cost implications outside the INREWARDS Network)

3.1.5. You will not be able to use your card to pay for goods or services over the telephone or internet, pay toll-fees or for parking.
3.2. Your INREWARDS card, Network card and Network Plus card cannot be used for any transactions at an ATM or at a bank teller. It can only be used at in-store electronic terminals in the Republic of South Africa, as per the INREWARDS programme acceptance detailed above.
3.3. When you use your card to pay for goods or services you must sign a transaction slip.
3.4. Innervation Rewards will process the transaction against your available card balance. You will be able to shop at as many merchants as you wish, up to the value on your card and after the deduction of fees, if applicable.
3.5. All transactions and fees will be authorised by Innervation Rewards against funds on your card.
3.6. Merchants are responsible for transactions and are independent of the Card Purchaser, Innervation Rewards and Standard Bank. The Card Purchaser, Innervation Rewards and Standard Bank, are not liable if the merchant does not accept your card, or if you have complaints about goods or services paid for with your card.
3.7. Innervation Rewards is not responsible for any loss arising from any failure or malfunction of electronic facilities, delays in point-of-sale devices, or Innervation Rewards’ supporting or shared networks; where applicable, resulting from circumstances beyond Innervation Rewards’ reasonable control.
3.8. No warranties, purchase protection, insurance, other promises or services are provided.
3.9. Once you have paid for a purchase, you cannot stop the transaction.
3.10. You are responsible for keeping track of the transactions on your card to ensure that you do not exceed your card balance.
3.11. Balance enquiries can be made by sending an SMS with your 16-digit card number to 34417, by visiting or by calling 083 918 7700 (this is a 24 hour service) or 086 11 222 67 between 08h00 and 17h00, Monday to Friday or by using the USSD *120*8013#

4. Fees and interest
4.1. You will not be charged any fees on any purchases made using your card within the INREWARDS Network in South Africa.
4.2. Should you choose to use your INREWARDS Network Plus card outside of the INREWARDS Network you will incur a fee which will be deducted from the funds on your card.
4.3. You will not be paid any interest on the funds on your card.
4.4. A monthly dormancy fee will be deducted from the available card balance after 12 months from last load. This monthly fee will only be deductible after 12 months from the last time your card was loaded by the Card Purchaser.
4.5. The INREWARDS Premium Imali card carries a monthly card fee as well as other applicable transactional fees. These are defined as per the carrier that accompanied your card. For updated fees, send an email to

5. Closing your card
5.1. Your card will be closed when it expires.
5.2. Innervation Rewards may choose to revoke your card at any time to protect Innervation Rewards’ interests. If your card is revoked for reasons other than fraud or unlawful use, any credit remaining on the card will be refunded to the Card Purchaser.

6. Lost or Stolen cards
6.1. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your card. Your card is the same as having cash in your pocket. If you lose your card or if it is stolen and used by someone else, you will lose all the funds on your card.

7. Replacement cards
7.1. Innervation Rewards can stop and replace the card at the request of the Card Purchaser. Innervation Rewards will deduct a fee of R100 (one hundred rand only) plus VAT from the existing card funds for the replacement card and for the transfer of funds. If there are insufficient funds to cover the replacement fee and the minimum load R50 (fifty rand only) the card will not be replaced.

Disclaimer: Innervation Rewards may change these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.
The updated terms and conditions can be found at

This agreement is hereby made and entered into by and between Innervation Rewards Proprietary Limited, Registration Number 2005/010672/07, hereinafter referred to as “Innervation Rewards”, and the Client represented in Section a) Client Information, hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, to define the relationship between both parties in respect of the INREWARDS Programme, previously known as the Compliments Programme.

Innervation Rewards operates incentive, reward, loyalty, marketing, expense management, employee benefits and public social programmes via prepaid card programmes registered under the INREWARDS trademark.
Innervation Rewards shall directly or through its partners:
a) Provide the Client with a prepaid card programme.
b) Submit an invoice to the Client for the value of the Client specified prepaid card programme.
c) Load, reload, and activate the prepaid cards, either internally or via a self-service web portal, according to the specified prepaid card programme, once full payment has been received from the Client and reflects as available on the Innervation Rewards bank account.

a) Submit an instruction or schedule of the specified card sequence numbers and the associated Rand loaded amount to Innervation Rewards to action.
b) Make full payment to Innervation Rewards against the submitted invoiced amount prior to the loading and activation of the prepaid cards in order to comply with the banking regulations governing prepaid gift, incentive and payroll cards.

a) CARD LOADING FEE. Are fees charged for the total volume loaded onto the cards.
b) ON DELIVERY. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the correct quantity and type of cards have been received and acknowledge receipt by signed delivery note. Errors or omissions can be rectified at the time of delivery but not later. The Client is responsible for the cards after delivery and Innervation Rewards cannot be held responsible for any fraud, misuse or loss incurred thereafter.
c) RESPONSIBILITY FOR CARD STOCK. Once the cards are delivered by Innervation Rewards to the Client, it is the responsibility of the Client to manage the cards. Cards which expire while held in Client stock will not be replaced nor will any balance on expired cards be transferred or repaid. The Client must notify Innervation Rewards prior to the expiry of cards held in stock so that the funds can be transferred to replacement cards. Innervation Rewards will charge a fee for the replacement cards, for the transfer of funds and for the delivery of the cards.
d) EXPIRED CARDS. Cards issued from Client stock to beneficiaries, whether used or not, will not be replaced nor will the balance be transferred after expiry.

Terms and Conditions are applied to this programme and Innervation Rewards may change these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. The updated terms and conditions can be found at

a) CONFIDENTIALITY. Any information shared by the parties shall be deemed as confidential and subject to standard confidentiality terms and conditions.
b) MODIFICATION. Modifications within the scope of this document shall be made by mutual consent of the parties, by the issuance of a written modification, signed and dated by all parties, prior to any changes being performed.
c) EXCLUSIVITY. This agreement in no way restricts Innervation Rewards or the Client from participating in similar activities.
d) TERMINATION. Any of the parties may terminate this agreement in whole, or in part, at any time by giving three months written notice.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with South African law and the parties hereby agree to submit any disputes relating to the agreement to the South African Courts.

These updated terms on updates all associated terms and conditions that where previously referenced on and

Relating to our previously named Compliments gift card and Compliments Merchant Network.